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Amelia Barker

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Thank you for helping us fight MS

My name is Amelia, I’m 6 years old and in grade one. 
My goal is to read 100 books by February 28. I’m reading books to raise money this year for my Auntie Amanda. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis right before I was born. 

Thank you for your donation! 

I've read 100 books

The Present

Kay Hanock

The Fox and the Crow

Susan Burroughs

The Hide and Seek Prince

Mary Many Simon

Emma's Problem

Sandra Cammell

Little Chimp and the Termites

Beverley Randell

What Do you Say When a Monkey Acts this Way

Jane Belk Moncure

If I were an Animal


Come Out Mouse

Bernice Chardiet

Who Am I Insects

Son Schein

Do Lions Like Lettuce

Moira Butterfield

Put Me in the Zoo

Robert Lopshsire

A Buzz Is Part of a Bee

Carolyn Lunn

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice

Steve Metzger

Wow Said the Owl

Tim Hopgood

Just For You

Mercer Mayer

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Mo Willems

Moira’s Birthday

Robert Munsch

Love you Forever

Robert Munsch

It’s Pumpkin Time

Zoe Hall

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen

Baby Sister Says No

Mercer Mayer

Snowball Soup

Mercer Mayer

Sun Sets

Lynn Maslen Kertell

Frog Sat

Lynn Maslen Kertell

The Trip

Lynn Maslen Kertell

She Did It

Lynn Maslen Kertell

Mat Hid

Lynn Maslen Kertell


Lynn Maslen Kertell

The Jet

Lynn Maslen Kertell

Peg and Ted

Bobby Lynn Maslen


Lynn Maslen Kertell

Dot and Mit

Bobby Lynn Maslen

Dot and the Dog

Bobby Lynn Maslen

As Big As

Lynn Maslen Kertell

Muff and Ruff

Bobby Lynn Maslen

Jig and Mag

Bobby Lynn Maslen


Lynn Maslen Kertell

0 to 10

Bobby Lynn Maslen


Bobby Lynn Maslen


Bobby Lynn Maslen


Bobby Lynn Maslen

Mr Bitter's Butter

Joy Cowley

The Pirates

Joy Cowley


Joy Cowley

The Boo-Dee-Roo

Ron Bacon

Mr McCready's Cleaning Day

Tracey Shilling

Lilly-Lolly Little Legs

Cheryl Semple & Judy Tuer

When I Grow Up

Mercer Mayer

The New Baby

Mercer Mayer

I Just Forgot

Mercer Mayer

I can’t said the ant

Polly Cameron

Henry Babysits

Robert Quackenbush

Berenstain Bears Clean House

Stan & Jan Berenstain

Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm

Stan & Jan Berenstain

Berenstain Bears New Pup

Stan & Jan Berenstain

Berenstain Bears and the Baby Chipmunk

Stan & Jan Berenstain


Kevin Henkes

Berenstain Bears Sleepover

Jan & Mike Berenstain

The Mitten

Jan Brett

The Biggest Best Snowman

Margery Cuyler

A Pocket for Corduroy

Don Freeman

Book! Book! Book!

Deborah Bruss

Something From Nothing

Phoebe Gilman

Alice the Fairy

David Shannon


Elizabeth Winthrop

This Farm is a Mess

Leslie McGuire

The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats

Berenstain Bears New Kitten

Stan and Jan Berenstain

Red is Best

Kathy Stinson

Lift the Flap


Little Dog Lost

Molly of Denali

Doctors to the Rescue

Props Pig

Whose Mouse Are You?

Robert Kraus

More Spaghetti I say!

Rita Golden Gleman

The Bike Ride

Janet Instcher

The Pirate Feast

Joy Cowley

The Pet that I want

Mary Packard

Healthy Food

Bill Thomas


Melissa Lagonegro

Pete the Cat Snow Daze

James Dean

The Classroom Pet

Grace Maccarone

Just Me and My Puppy

Mercer Mayer

Just me and my Little Brother

Mercer Mayer

Grandma and Me

Mercer Mayer

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

Mercer Mayer

Milk and Cookies

Frank Asch

My Messy Room

Mary Packard

Buzz Said the Bee

Wendy Cheyenne Lewison

But No Elephants

Jerry Smath

Rabbits New Rug

Judy Delton

If you happen to have a Dinosaur

Linda Bailey

Boo Hoo Bird

Jeremy Tankard

Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill

Martha Weston

Gone Fishin

Mike Berenstain

Swamp Water

Robert Munsch

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell

Lucille Colandro

Copy Cat Animal Noises

Richard Howell

Mommy Hugs

Karen Katz

Polar Bear Polar Bear

Bill Martin Jr

Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown

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Thank you to my donors


Nancy Wegner


Michael Homer

Congratulations, Amelia!! What a great idea. I hope you found a new new favourite books along the way! See you, and the rest of your family, soon :)


Auntie K, Uncle Dale, Norah, Lydia And Eoin

Amelia! We’re so proud of you for meeting your big reading goal and the incredible gift you’re able to donate because of your hard work! We love you!


Mommy And Daddy

Proud of you Amelia! You are making a difference in so many lives!


Rachel & Ronny

Way to go Amelia!! You have so much kindness in your heart! Proud of you for using your kindness to change the world!


Justin Kiew

Good job Amelia. Keep on reading!!!!


Maggie Harker

That is quite the goal Amelia! I am impressed at your voracious appetite for reading and your love for your Auntie Amanda.


Wilma Knoops

Your auntie Amanda is so proud of you. Look at you go with your reading -- 80 books already. You go girl!!


Alyssa Barker

Amelia you are so strong and brave and loving. We are so proud of you for taking on this big challenge. Love Aunt Alyssa, Uncle Josh, Eli and Seth



Way to go!



What a wonderful undertaking and you must be quite pleased with the response. Enjoy your reading. Terrific!!!


The Reirson’s

Well done Amelia! You have such a big heart and we’re proud of your reading!


Ollie Holm

Wow 100 books! You can do it Amelia! Great job! Love Cousin Ollie


Cathy Holm

Great job Amelia! Have fun reading. Love Auntie Cathy and Uncle Al


Barb And Don Homer

Good job, Amelia! Let us know when you have finished your goal of 100 books.


Kathryn Nakonechny

Wow! Your auntie must be so proud of you! What a wonderful way to show your support! I see you have read Boo Hoo Bird! It’s one of my favourites! Happy reading!


Barb & Geoff Lewis

Enjoy reading your books, Amelia. Love, Aunt Barb & Uncle Geoff


Patrick Komarynsky

Great job, Amelia!


Laura Leffelaar

We are so excited for you, Amelia! Good job! Love you.


Dan C

Keep up the good work!


Natalie Anton

What a great idea Amelia! I love and miss your Auntie Amanda so much at work. I will try to read a bunch of books too this month. So proud of you :)


Dan Gibb



Amelia I am very proud of you and the amazing kind loving girl you are. I know that Adeline will support you by listening to your reading, Love Nana



Go, Amelia!


Amanda Simms

Bo, I am so proud of the young lady you are growing into. Your heart is so generous and loving. I know you are going to be a great example to so many of us. Thank you for loving me. I LOVE YOU!!!


Nadine Davies

Way to go Amelia!


Jillian Raimondo

We are so proud of you Amelia! You are so caring and kind. We know you can do it! Love, Auntie Jillian, uncle Nick, Vance and Arianna