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Abbygail Tappan

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

AbbyGirl's Reading Adventure and Book Review

Between now and February 28th I will be reading as many books as possible and providing a review on them. Please donate to support my quest for knowledge while helping the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada in their endeavor to continue with their groundbreaking research and support services. 

I've read 31 books

Sticker Dollies Fairy Picnic (Review: Chapter 1: I like that the book provides a map to understand the land)

Zanna Davidson

Birds (Review: The Puffin is sooo cute )

Chuck Garofano

Jordan's Catch (Review: I liked his second catch)

Stephen Harrison

The Magic Hat (Review: I liked when the storm came and blew away all the hats

Mem Fox

Star Friends Magic Mirror (Book 1 in series chapter 11-end) (Review: I like how they met Violet the Spirit Speaker. I want to be a Star Friend)

Linda Chapman

Star Friends Magic Mirror (Book 1 in series chapters 8 and 10) (Review: I learned that a drey is a squirrel's home

Linda Chapman

The Busy Beaver ( Review: He really got hurt being too busy)

Nicholas Oldland

One Wild Christmas ( Review: I am happy they didnt cut down the tree)

Nicholas Oldland

The Lion and the Mouse (Review: it's good to help others)

Retold by Harriet Rosenbloom

The Parking Ticket ( Review: It's silly because animals are driving)

Karen Mockler

Moose on the Move (Review: I like hoe he belonged at the end)

Rus Buyok

How to make a Drum ( Review: I made a drum out of an old plastic tub)

Anthony Curran

How the Mice Beat the Men ( Review: Mice must have sharp teeth to chew through so much)

A Native American Folktale Retold by Bertha E. Bush

Grasshoppers Gross Lunch (Review : I am like a grasshopper when I eat lettuce)

Alyse Sweeney

The Goat and the Singing Wolf (Review : The goat was smart)

An Aesop's Fable Retold by Anthony Curran

The Five Brothers ( Review: You would have to cry a long time to make a river of tears)

Betty Yee

Hippos Toothache (Review: It does hurt when you have s loose tooth )

Cheryl Ryan

How Zebras Got Their Stripes ( Review: Did that really happen? )

A Ugandan Folktale Retold by Ned Jensen

The Disappearing Moon ( Review: Scared Squirrel was cute )

Dori H. Butler

Darby's Birthday Party ( Review: I like the zoo too )

Brian Roberts

Bonk the Healthy Monster (Review: Its s good thing Bonk went to the dentist )

Maribeth Boelts

We Make Maple Syrup ( Review: It takes a lot of sap to make syrup)

Karen Mockler

Monster Music ( Review: Jupe is really good at piano )

Maribeth Boelts

Life at the Pond ( Review : Whirligig that's a silly name for a beetle)

Bea Silverberg

Healthy Me ( Review: Apple's are my favourite just like the girl in the book)

Kira Freed

Star Friends Magic Mirror (Book 1 in series chapters 4-7 to date) (Review: The girls are starting to learn magic ))

Linda Chapman

Star Friends Magic Mirror (Book 1 in series chapters 1-3 to date) (Review: we met Mia's Aunt Carol in chapter 3 and Mia almost met a star friend (the fox))

Linda Chapman

Mike's Good Bad Day (Review: It was funny that his orange juice spilt making him match his pumpkin)

Alyse Sweeney

Brother Messy, Brother Neat (Review: I thought it was funny when they split their room in half with tape)

Torran Anderson

Brainstorm Bear (Review: I liked that the bear leaves on its own)

Torran Anderson

Fast and Faster (Review: I can't believe how fast the Tiger Beetle can run.)

Katherine Follett

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Thank you to my donors


Kathleen Clohessy

Well done Abbygail, keep on reading!


Lori Littleton

Way to go Abbygail! Super proud of you for working so hard!!



Great job Abbygail


Marion Brown

Great reading Abbygail. keep it up.


Dennis Brown

Awesome job Abbygail. Very impressive:)


Barb Peters

Keep up the reading Abbygail we are very proud of you!!



Gido and I are very proud of you for reading so many books and also for supporting Multiple Sclerosis!!! Love GG


Irena Sieber


Jenn Roscoe

Keep up the great work Abbygail! I loved reading your reviews of the books you've read


Shane Climenhaga


Nancy Mathes

Grwat job Abby.. love you lots! Love Aunt Nancy & Uncle Jay xoxo



Way to go Abbygail!!! xoxox


Miss Breton

I am proud of what you are doing. My cousin has lives with MS most of his adult life. Thank you for making a difference!


Mom And Dad

We are so proud of you Abbygail. Keep up the great work