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Dale Allen Berg

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In August 2018 my two year old daughter received an Autism diagnosis.  Four months later her twin brother, Ethan received the same diagnosis.  Then in January Madison received a second, much more severe diagnosis of Rett Syndrome.  She would never be able to independently walk, talk, dress herself, use the toilet or millions of other things.  Things couldn't get any worse... could they?

The next day I woke up and my leg was numb from waist to toe.  No big deal, I probably slept on it funny.  It would "wake up" as soon as I got moving.  A month later it was still numb and I was in my third MRI confirming my own diagnosis of MS.

It has been a devastating battle that has tested my resilience and strength to the core.  

That why this year I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause.  I am reading as many books as I can until February 28 to raise funds for people LIKE ME living with multiple sclerosis.  Money raised through MS Read-a-Thon will help fund vital support services, like 1:1 Peer Support Program.  This program connects people affected by MS with someone who can support them through their experiences with MS and is important to making them feel less alone.  Thank you for supporting my MS Read-a-Thon adventure!

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